Great War Salvo! 3rd Ed.
                                                                       (solitaire, tactical naval, WWI)

     Great War Salvo! 3rd Edition uses the tried and true WW2 Salvo! system, modified and expanded to simulate Great War naval encounters.  The game is contained in a 52-page full-color book that contains everything needed for play.  This release builds on the foundation of the second edition, but adds many new ships, scenarios, and optional rules.  The game was designed to be played solitaire, but may be played equally well by two players.   Historical warships (1/6000 scale) are individually and authentically rated for armor, speed, firepower, and other characteristics.  The counters are designed so that you can readily assess the strengths and weaknesses of each ship (BB, BC, B, AC, CL, and AMC classes).  Included in the standard game are twelve full-color counter sheets (see below for ship inventory) containing ships from Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Turkey, the United States, Japan, Sweden, Spain, and the Netherlands.   Thus, over 325 warships are provided (counter size 1.7" x .7", which must be cut apart prior to play), fully rated for bow, broadside, and stern main gun strength, speed, armor, flotation, vulnerability, year of launch, and other categories.

     Great War Salvo! 3rd Ed., published in summer of 2019, is a 52-page color, illustrated book that includes standard, optional, and advanced rules, game tables, Reference Card, over a dozen historical and hypothetical scenarios, Designer's Notes, and all ship counters and game markers contained within its pages.  You may either remove the pages containing the counters, or scan the pages and print them yourself.  (If you would like a separate set of ship counters, they are available for purchase separately from Minden.)   

     What's new in this edition of the game?  First of all, it includes four brand-new counter sheets (#3, #4, #9, and Add'l Set C) that introduces the (long awaited) Mediterranean counters into the system, adding French, Italian, Austrian, Russian, and Turkish ships (sheets #3 and #4), plus additional British ships (sheet #9), and vessels from the USA, Japan, Turkey, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands as well (Additional sheet C; see ship inventory, below).  The game is unchanged from the 2nd ed., except that, along with the new ships, and new game options, the rules are now in a book that is over twice the length of that edition.  If you already own the 2nd ed., you may buy the 3rd ed. upgrade set (containing just the new ships), or you may go all the way and get the new 3rd ed., which is sure to please in its new, expanded format and extras.  Rules covering submarines, progressive ship damage, cordite storage, and an enhanced Narrative Damage rule stystem are included, as are other options cover command control and crew quality, seasonal weather, duds and low ammunition, scuttling, night battles, "horizon" range, special echelon turret rules, multi-ship guidelines, and much more.  The ship drawings are "top down" renderings, and are to scale, so you will be able to immediately see and appreciate the differences, both in ability and size, between individual ships. 

     For those who wish to sample the system, GWS! Introductory Rules is available as well.  This comes with a four-page Standard game rules folder containing the basic game system, plus three Additional Ship counter sheets (A, B & C), for a total of 84 multi-national ships.  While this is a fully playable game on its own using the Standard rules, to make full use of this expansion, you will of course need the system rules and options contained in Great War Salvo!  

     While designed as a solitaire game, you may easily and effectively play the game with two players.  Single ship encounters and multi-ship battles may be simulated.  No matter how you play with it, you'll appreciate Great War Salvo! 3rd ed.'s high playability and faithfulness to history.  (For a list of ships included on each counter sheet, see below.)

     Please note that Great War Salvo! 3rd ed. is published in book format.  All rules, game pieces, tables, etc. are contained within the pages of the book.  This makes us able to distribute this title through Amazon. If you wish to have separate game components, these are available for purchase from Minden Games.

GREAT WAR SALVO! 3rd Ed.  (Complete Ship Set)

Counter sheet #1:  Britain BB Dreadnought, Bellerophon, St. Vincent, Colosus, Orion, Ajax, Iron Duke.  BC Inflexible, Indomitable, Inflexible, Indefatigable, Lion, Tiger, Princess Royal, Queen Mary B King Edward VII. Lord Nelson, Canopus.  AC Good Hope, Monmouth, Kent, Cornwall, Carnarvon, Duke of Edinburgh, Black Prince, Warrior, Defence.  CL Glasgow.  [28 ships, counter numbers 1-28]

Counter sheet #2:  Germany BB Nassau, Helgoland, Kaiser, Kaiserin, Grosser Kurfurst, Konig.  BC  Von Der Tann Moltke, Goeben, Seydlitz, Derfflinger.  B Deutschland, Hannover.  AC  Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Blucher.  CL Dresden, Nurnberg, Emden, Leipzig, Stettin, Frauenlob.  AMC Cap Trafalgar.    Britain CL Fearless, Sydney, Arethusa.  AMC Otranto, Carmania.  [28 ships, counter numbers 29-56]

Counter sheet #3:  Austria-Hungary, France ... BB  B  AC C ... specific ship names will be added later.  [28 ships, counter numbers 57-84]

Counter sheet #4:  Italy, Russia, Turkey ... BB B AC CL ... specific ship names will be added later.  [28 ships, counter numbers 85-112]

Counter sheet #5Britain AC Drake, Leviathan, Antrim, Hampshire, Essex, Suffolk.  CL Liverpool, Newcastle, Chatham, Dublin, Birmingham, Nottingham, Aurora, Royalist.   Germany AC Yorck, Roon.  CL  Arcona, Bremen, Berlin, Konigsberg, Stuttgart, Mainz, Breslau, Strassburg, Strasland, Karlsruhe, Rostock.  AMC Kaiser Wilhelm.  [28 ships, counter numbers 113-140]

Counter sheet #6:  Britain BB Superb, Temeraire, Collingwood, Vanguard, Neptune, Hercules, Monarch, Thunderer, Conqueror, King George V, Centurion, Audacious, Agincourt, Erin, Canada, Marlborough, Benbow, Emperor of India, Queen Elizabeth, Warspite, Valiant, Malaya, Barham, Resolution, Royal Sovereign, Royal Oak, Ramillies, Revenge.  [28 ships, counter numbers 141-168]

Counter Sheet #7:  Britain BC New Zealand, Australia.  AC Minotaur, Cochrane, Shannon, Achilles CL Gloucester, Bristol, Caliope.  Germany BB Westfalen, Posen, Rheinland, Thuringen, Ostfriesland, Oldenburg, Friedrich der Grosse, Prinz Regent Luitpold, Konig Albert, Markgraf, Kron Prinz, Bayern, Baden.  BC Lutzow, Hindenburg B Pommern, Schleswig-Holstein, Schlesien, Hessen.  [28 ships, counter numbers 169-196]

Counter sheet #8:  Britain AC King Alfred, Donegal, Argyll, Roxburgh, Berwick, Lancaster.  CL Phaeton, Active, Melbourne, Caroline, Conquest, Lowestoft, Galatea, Penelope.  Germany AC Prinz Adalbert, Friedrich Karl.  CL Undine, Hamburg, Lubeck, Stettin, Koln, Augsburg, Magdeburg, Nymphe, Thetis, Amazone, Muchen AMC Kronprinz Wilhelm.  [28 ships, counter numbers 197-224]

Counter sheet #9:  Britain B:  Commonwealth, Hindustan, Agamemnon, Ocean, Hibernian, Africa, Glory, Goliath, Dominion, Zealandia, Vengeance, Britannia, Exmouth, Russell, Albermarle, Duncan, Prince of Wales, Queen, Cornwallis. 
 AC:  Devonshire, Cumberland, Cressy, Aboukir, Hogue, Sutlej, Bacchante, Euryalus.  [28 ships, counter numbers 225-252]

Additional Ship Set A:  Italy BB Dante.  AC Pisa, Amalfi.  CL Libia.  France  BB Jean Bart, Paris.  B Danton, Condorcet.  AC Edgar Quinet.  Austria-Hungary BB Tegetthott, Prinz Eugen.  B  Erzherzog Karl.  AC Sankt Georg.  CL Saida. 
  Russia B Evstafi, Zlatoust.  CL Kagul.  Britain BB Temeraire.  BC Glorious.  Germany BB Posen. B Pommern.  United States BB Arkansas.  Connecticut.  AC Pittsburgh.  Japan B Aki, Satsuma. [28 ships, counter numbers A1-A28]

Additional Ship Set B:   Italy BB Cavour, Cesare. AC San Giorgio.  France BB France.  B Diderot, Voltaire, Vergniaud.  Austria-Hungary B Erzherzog Friedrich.  CL Helgoland.  Britain BB King George V.   BC Courageous.  B Albion.  CL Undaunted. M Lusitania.  Germany BB Rheinland, Markgraf, Oldenburg. CL Thetis.  United States BB Florida.  B Minnesota.  Japan CL Chikuma, Yahagi.  Netherlands B Van Heenskerck, De Zeven Provincien. [28 ships, counter numbers A29-A56]

Additional Ship Set C:  United States BB Texas, New York, Wyoming, Utah, Michigan.  B Kansas.  AC Charleston, Milwaukee, California, Maryland, Colorado. Spain BB Espana, Alfonso XIII.  AC Cataluna.  Turkey B Barbarossa, 
Messudiyeh.  Japan BC Kirishima, Haruna, Hi-Yei, Kongo.  CL Hirado.  Sweden B Sverige, Andra.  Netherlands B Hendrik, De Ruyter, Koningin Regentes, Tromp.  28 ships, counter numbers A57-A84]


Counter sheets #3, #4, #9, and Additional Ship Set C


Additional Ship Set A Italy BB Dante.  AC Pisa, Amalfi.  CL Libia.  France  BB Jean Bart, Paris.  B Danton, Condorcet.  AC Edgar Quinet.  Austria-Hungary BB Tegetthott, Prinz Eugen.   Erzherzog Karl AC Sankt Georg.  CL Saida.   Russia B Evstafi, Zlatoust.  CL Kagul.  Britain BB Temeraire.  BC Glorious.  Germany BB Posen. B Pommern.  United States BB Arkansas.  B Connecticut.  AC Pittsburgh.  Japan B Aki, Satsuma.  [28 ships, counter numbers A1-A28]

Additional Ship Set B  Italy BB Cavour, CesareAC San Giorgio.  France BB France.  B Diderot, Voltaire, Vergniaud Austria-Hungary B Erzherzog Friedrich.  CL Helgoland.  Britain BB King George V.  BC Courageous.  Albion.  CL Undaunted.  Lusitania.  Germany BB Rheinland, Markgraf, OldenburgCL Thetis United States BB Florida.  B Minnesota.  Japan CL Chikuma, Yahagi.  Netherlands B Van Heenskerck, De Zeven Provincien.  [28 ships, counter numbers A29-A56]

Additional Ship Set C:  United States BB Texas, New York, Wyoming, Utah, Michigan.  B Kansas.  AC Charleston, Milwaukee, California, Maryland, Colorado. Spain BB Espana, Alfonso XIII.  AC Cataluna.  Turkey B Barbarossa, 
Messudiyeh.  Japan BC Kirishima, Haruna, Hi-Yei, Kongo.  CL Hirado.  Sweden B Sverige, Andra.  Netherlands B Hendrik, De Ruyter, Koningin Regentes, Tromp. 28 ships, counter numbers A57-A84]

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